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By Peter J Murray Affiliation: RAN

The Gallipoli crusade is routinely remembered because the motion at the Gallipoli Peninsula in Australia, yet a major addition to that land crusade used to be the half performed by way of the Australian submarine HMAS AE2. The AE2 completed a bold passage during the Dardanelles on April 25, 1915 whilst Anzac troops have been touchdown at the different facet at Anzac Cove. The Royal and French navies' earlier makes an attempt at passage had resulted in catastrophe. AE2's undertaking to 'run amuck' ended after 5 days within the Sea of Marmara whilst it was once stuck via the Turkish Sultanhisar torpedo boat. After being holed, AE2's captain Stoker scuttled the submarine and its group was once stored by means of Sultanhisar's captain, Ali Riza. underneath the Dardanelles tells AE2's tale from either the Australian and Turkish views, and lines extracts from the memoirs of the 2 captains. hardly in army books are either side of a conflict offered so calmly. The submarine lay undiscovered at the backside of the ocean till 1998 and awaits its future because the greatest historic Australian relic of the Gallipoli crusade. the way forward for AE2 can be newsworthy for future years and this e-book makes an immense contribution to that tale

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It was renamed Müstecip Onbas¸ı to honour the corporal who forced its crew to surrender. However, the submarine was never made operational, probably due to lack of skilled officers. The Turkish and German navies also achieved successes, although they were few and far between. On the night of 12 May, the Turkish gunboat Muavenet-i Milliye steamed south in stealth and torpedoed HMS Goliath, which was guarding the entrance to the Dardanelles. The 12 950-ton, fifteen-year-old battleship sank within minutes, taking down 570 sailors including its captain.

Indd Sec1:41 18/7/08 12:55:12 PM 42 Beneath the Dardanelles sinking ship ahead—as a ship of that size must be expected to sink very rapidly. To avoid this we altered course a point to starboard, with the object of passing astern of her. The danger of remaining off one’s true course for any length of time in such narrow and fast running waters was obvious, and after three minutes we altered back to what I considered the correct course for regaining the centre of the Strait, at the same time ordering a rise to 20 feet for another observation.

We had, perforce, to go astern and pull her back up on the mud. And so at a depth of 80 feet we settled ourselves to remain, helpless, until darkness could permit us to rise to the surface and—enemy also permitting—readjust the ballast tanks. Have you ever known time move slowly? Can you imagine the speed it had for us? Percival passed and repassed at steady intervals. Some of the crew—lucky creatures—succeeded in going to sleep. Attempted jokes as to Percival’s reappearance fell mighty flat. As the day wore on, lying in my bunk, I will most ashamedly confess to a feeling of quivering funk each time he passed overhead.

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