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The hive was simple enough for the farmer to use safely and economically with methods he employs traditionally. Training programmes in many areas were conducted on using the hive in ways which cost little in terms of human effort. As awareness continued to increase, it became apparent that a significant production increase could be achieved only as the team, which now included reliable Kenyan officers, helped the farmer to improve all major aspects of his operation. He must have help to acquire understanding of (and often be helped to finance) improved hives, and also modern practices in bee culture, management, pest and disease control, and the handling of hive products.

In 1915 Professor John Borg linked beekeeping in the Maltese Islands to the dawn of their history , when the Phoenicians settled in Malta some 4000 years ago. He concluded that IMGIEBAB, renowned for the abundance of wild thyme, is derived from a Phoenician word for clay hives; the same word in Maltese now has the same meaning. Geographical Position Although Malta covers only about 100 square miles,crops mature earlier in the southern part and the bees start storing honey earlier there than in the north, where the temperature is lower.

2. Honey combs can be removed from the colony without disNo harm is done to the colony, turbing the brood nest. and the bees are left to gather additional honey. 3. Honey quality is improved, since pollen and brood combs are not kncluded with the harvested honey. 4. A fairly high yield of beeswax is maintained, since the honey combs are not returned to the hive, as they are with the frame hive. 5. The hive is simple, easy to construct in comparison to the frame hive. 60 and relatively cheap, Conclusion 6.

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