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By Yakov Gelfgat, Mikhail Gelfgat, Yuri Lopatin

Presents certain descriptions and case reviews of the different applied sciences built and familiar in Russia. There are directional drilling, deep and ultra-deep good development, underbalanced drilling, rotary-turbine drills, underreamers, and retractable drill bits.

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6 days) compared to 4230 m/rig-month for vertical wells drilled during nine months in 1967 in the Ust-Balyk field. 1–drillbit 2–bit stabilizer 3–nipple sub 4–driven shaft 5–bearings 6–bearing housing 7–hinged joint 8–bent sub 9–turbine section 10–top sub with landing knives The results of drilling these cluster wells proved the possibility of successful utilization of the cluster well drilling method to develop the entire field (Tables 4–5a and 4–5b and Fig. 4–10a, 4–10b, and 4–10c). Fig. qxd 4/28/03 10:39 AM Page 22 ADVANCED DRILLING SOLUTIONS LESSONS FROM THE FORMER SOVIET UNION TABLE 4–5a First Cluster of Directional Wells Drilled at Ust-Balyk Oilfield, West Siberia (trajectory) Borehole Length Well ## Kickoff Magnetic Inclination Bottomhole Point, Azimuth Offset, m m Degree, Project Actual Project Actual 771 772 811 812 773 390 454 440 834 976 375 519 422 865 1040 1511 516 130 100 100 97 7 248 292 341 100 4 247 289 343 Built-up Angle, deg-min Project Actual 22°30' 18° 17° 24° 27° 34° 21° 17° 26°30' 34°15' Tangent Section, Section, m m 211 91 170 215 405 508 1653 1930 2012 1935 Length TVD, m Ext.

Qxd 4/28/03 10:39 AM Page 16 ADVANCED DRILLING SOLUTIONS LESSONS FROM THE FSU 1–wireline drum 2–readout and surface processing unit 3–side entry sub 4–safety sub 5–drillstring 6–downhole probe inside the orienting sub 7–bypass valve 8–PDM 9–stabilizer 10–drillbit Fig. 4–7 Wireline steering tool Overall, progress was made in the development of the downhole cable geo-steering systems for directional and horizontal well drilling applications. However, the systems featured a number of serious drawbacks related to the additional time required for a wireline operation, additional capital, and operational costs.

22 Two drilling rigs were operated on the cluster by one drilling crew consisting of five shifts. The good drilling results from the Ust-Balyk field prompted wide use of the cluster directional well drilling method in other fields of Western Siberia. , 68%. At an average penetration rate of 34 m/hr and a penetration per bit of 117 m, the average overall drilling speed was 3278 m/rig-month, which was practically identical with the corresponding results from vertical wells. qxd 4/28/03 10:39 AM Page 25 DEVELOPMENT OF DIRECTIONAL, CLUSTER, AND HORIZONTAL DRILLING TECHNOLOGY USING DOWNHOLE MOTORS Vast experience in drilling cluster directional wells in the Urals and Volga oil provinces as well as Western Siberia allowed the formulation of the following main advantages of this inland field drilling method: 1.

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