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This paintings presents a posteriori errors research for mathematical idealizations in modeling boundary price difficulties, specially these bobbing up in mechanical purposes, and for numerical approximations of diverse nonlinear var- tional difficulties. An mistakes estimate is termed a posteriori if the computed resolution is utilized in assessing its accuracy. A posteriori blunders estimation is principal to m- suring, controlling and minimizing mistakes in modeling and numerical appr- imations. during this publication, the most mathematical software for the advancements of a posteriori blunders estimates is the duality thought of convex research, documented within the famous e-book via Ekeland and Temam ([49]). The duality concept has been came across important in mathematical programming, mechanics, numerical research, and so on. The publication is split into six chapters. the 1st bankruptcy experiences a few uncomplicated notions and effects from useful research, boundary worth difficulties, elliptic variational inequalities, and finite point approximations. the main proper a part of the duality idea and convex research is in brief reviewed in bankruptcy 2.

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Assume R c IR2 is a poly onal domain, which is triangulated into triangles K , K E P h . e. e. the vertices of the triangulation that lie on 8 0 . From each vertex ai, construct K~ as the patch of the elements K which contain ai as a vertex. ~~ associated with the node ai is a continuous function in 2,which is linear on each K and . corresponding piecewise linear function space is is non-zero only in K ~ The then X h = span{41i, 1 5 i 5 Nh}. Suppose we need to solve a linear elliptic boundary value problem with Neumann boundary condition.

A) Assume f (u)E R. Then f is continuous at u i f f is bounded from above in a neighborhood of u. (b) I f f ifJinite on an open set M C V and is continuous at some point of M , then f is continuous on M . 1 shows a convex function f that is continuous in the interior of its effective domain, and is not continuous at b ( f (x) = cc for x 2 b), a boundary point of the effective domain. Note that f is not bounded from above to the right of b. 18. 19 Let M C Rd be an open convex set. Then every convex function f : M -i R is continuous.

The finite element method today is the dominant numerical method for solving problems in structural mechanics and is popularly used in fluid mechanics. It is widely applied to both linear and nonlinear problems. General mathematical theory of finite element methods can be found in [8,41,43,117,144], among others. The textbook [89] offers an easily accessible mathematical introduction of finite element methods, whereas the two recent textbooks, [31, 321, provide deeper mathematical theory together with more recent and current research development such as the multigrid methods.

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