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By Robert Adams

“Be reconciled, or be destroyed!” For a while, difficulty were brewing among clans Linsee and Skaht. Many women and men have been killed in raids, and the feud among them threatened to spill over and engulf all of the Kindred clans. ultimately, the Council of Chiefs handed judgment: Linsee and Skaht needs to set aside their hatred or be scattered and enslaved. In a final, determined fight to save lots of the harmony of the Kindred, Milo gives you to intercede, taking the assembled little kids on a trip of the brain to an odd and far-off place…back to the 20th century!

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But something told him not to burn Irunn's note. That too went into the steel lockbox and the time was soon to come when he would be glad that he had heeded his feeling. Things began to close in on him even before Irunn's return. First was a letter that was awaiting him when he returned to the O'Shea house one night. The postmark was a Wisconsin one, but the handwriting was not Irunn's. The writer had been a man and, from the style of the letters and numbers, a man of European education. "My dear Herr Moray, Our Irunn has told me of your many languages, so I pen this in my native Norwegian.

Moray, sir, I can't be taking sich a treasure! No, why it must be worth every last penny of ... " Milo just smiled. "Actually, a bit more than that, Mrs. O'Farrell. " Old Rosaleen looked at him, then back at the stunning ring for a moment. Then she buried her wrinkled face in her work-worn hands and ran from the room, sobbing loudly. Milo stood up and took From the tabletop the last two bills, a twenty and a five. "Pat, this is the twentyfive dollars that Irunn paid the jeweler, Plotkin, to hold the ring.

Moray, is it? All right, Moray, try to stab me with that bayonet. Okay, if you want to do it underhand, that's fine too. " Without conscious thought of what he was doing or why he was doing it just that way, Milo advanced in short but fast and sure steps which to the watchers looked almost akin to dance steps. With all his training and practice, natural skills and experience, the sergeant had only seconds to wonder if he was going to be able to stop this recruit who moved as quickly and lightly as an Olympic fencer.

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